A quick reference on directories

Hey guys! This post is a short one. More a reminder to myself than some really useful to the world. When you are on your code editor and you need to reference another document, these are the commands you can use to find it. Starting with “/” returns to the root directory and starts there. […]

My first Startup 🚀 Empower Local Devs with OttawaTech.io

Hello everybody! I am going to make a confession. I used to think that to achieve something in life, it meant that it had not been done before. My mindset changed when I came across a quote from Dharmesh Shah: Success occurs when we shift our efforts from making a million dollars to helping a […]

Learn how to use Git & GitHub for the first time (+bonus)

Hey, let me ask you something. Have you heard about Git? If you are interested in software engineering like me, you probably did, but you don’t know what it is or how to use it. Today, you will learn how to use Git & GitHub. Git is a version control system that allows you to […]

A new start as a Front-End Developer in Ottawa

I am learning Front-End Development. Every blogger has a moment on their life where they stop writing for a few months. It has happened to me. If I analyze the cause, I didn’t feel motivated because I don’t want to put more hours into mobile games. I am still playing video games, but the game […]